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South Africa has an impressive diversity of more than 850 species of bird and also boasts the most regionally endemic bird species of any African country.Our very own Mpumalanga province with it's incredible diversity of altitudes and habitats makes it an awesome birding area with over 500 species recorded in the province.

A combination of our own Gold Valley reserve ,nearby Kruger National Park ,surrounding private reserves ,the Drakensberg Mountains ,Kaapsehoop and the wet/grass lands of the Wakkerstoom area will provide the opportunity of seeing and photographing many of these species.

Your 'own private safari group ' with your own vehicle and your own experienced bird guide allows for your own pace on these tours ,whether it be for ticking off as many species as possible or at a much more patient pace for the photographers ,trying to get the best pic ! 

Some sought after 'Mpumalanga species (to many to include ) seen on most of our trips include Southern Ground Hornbill, Bateleur, Martial, Crowned, African Hawk- and Tawny Eagles, several species of Vulture,Rollers,Bee-Eaters and Kingfishers, African Finfoot, , Verreaux’s Eagle-Owl,Black, Woolly-necked, Saddle-billed & Yellow-billed Storks...

Forest species include Narina Trogon, Olive Woodpecker, breeding Crowned Eagle's ,Southern Boubou, several Robin Chat and Bush Shrike species ,Sombre Greenbuls, Lemon Doves and Cape White-eyes to name a few.. 

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