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From our dear clients...

“You two are great, thanks for another well organised, fun trip. I'm sure all the guys had a great time.
We all saw and harvested some great animals.

Phil, Billy, Tyrone, all the trackers really try to make us feel at home and do!
You are always able to organise a good hunt and you always come up with the animals and the different places that make it so much fun. I'm already looking forward to August.
Until then, good luck! Thanks for everything. See you soon”.


Jack Nicklaus, “The Golden Bear”, North Palm Beach, Florida, USA (7th Safari)

Dear Matt, Sylvia, Savannah and Amber
Thank you for sharing your piece of Paradise-Gold Valley. Great hunting, fishing for yellowfish and tiger and lots of fun.. Only topped by your 1st class hospitality and more important friendship. 1st class in every aspect. Thank you!

Gray Thornton, Bozeman, Montana

“What can I say that would equal our first day together in the bush of South Africa.
You and I both know that at least one of us should have been killed when that Buffalo charged.
It was a real thrill to go and hunt it two days later. After my first trip to Africa I never thought I would come back. After this hunt, I am looking forward to my next hunt with you. We took great animals, great service and I feel like I made some life long friends. Your friend”.


Billy Dunbar, Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Matthew, Sylvia, Savannah & Amber,
Thank you very much for the wonderful safari & friendship. Four years ago the “Reno Boys” trekked half way around the world to find mysterious game and a new & exciting culture. We found all that and established new friends in the process. I know that we will be back for another “World Champions” tour in four years.
In closing, I raise my glass to recognise & say, “Cheers” to the best PH & Safari Company on the Dark Continent.
Each of you continues to raise the bar and exceed even the highest expectations.
Cheers & thank you.

Andy MacKay Reno Nevada

 “My third trip to Africa and probably my best. The company, the accommodations, the game, the hunting (successful) for my children and grand children and last but not least, my outstanding Sable were all more than one expected.
Thank you all Sylvia and all the rest. Great people”.

Robert Browne, Dallas, Texas, USA

Dear Matt, Sylvia, Savannah, Amber & Theo,
Thanks again for a wonderful trip – it keeps getting better & I feel so much better about hunting these magnificent animals now. Thanks especially also to Thomas for finding the Kudu. Happy about that!!! Thanks to Theo for getting the best out of me. See you all soon at SCI.

Greenie (Jim Greenwald)greenie@specialtyhealth.comReno N.V. (BDO)

“Just finished my 1st Safari of 13 days. Took 16 super trophies. Some great stalks. Learned a lot and can't wait to come back again for another try at Mr. Spots and a Buffalo.
All the lodges and hospitality were top notch.
Your help was super and I will remember them all.
Looking forward to next year.
Kindest regards”.


John Osborne, Danville, California, USA

What a great time you showed the Whitcomb family. The game was unbelievable as each boy took their 1st African animal each and dad got his Kudu and Limpopo Bushbuck. The trip to the Sabi Sand was awesome and we saw the Big 5 on two separate days and Sylvia's hospitality made us feel right at home. Cant wait to get back.

See soon! 

John,Yvonne,Taylor and Zachary

John Whitcomb,Tampa,Florida

“Thank you for a wonderful time! Hunting was great and the company was the best.
Sylvia, congratulations on becoming one of the famous Leopard Sisters.
Thank you for the wonderful memories. See you soon.
Best regards”.

Gary, Michelle, Tina, AJ, Rachel & Cory Reichart, Frankton, Indiana, USA

Our Guests

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