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'Viewers not wanting to read about our hunting operation or see images of animals taken by our hunters ,are welcome to skip the Hunting section of this website ...

We remain committed and proactive in our approach to the long term benefits of "Hunting on our African Continent" ,when done in a fair chase ,well managed ,sustainable and fully consumptive way, to 'the benefit of the people that actually live here ' in Africa ...

and not behind their computer's !

'For some of the best fair chase hunting of Cape Buffalo, big Kudu, Waterbuck, Nyala and more than 40 species of game ,at MGS we cater for both the 1st timer, family hunts or the discerning hunter looking for a quality hunt or an elusive species. 

Rifle Hunting

  • For medium to larger plains game species, we recommend between a 7 mm to .375 caliber with quality variable scopes, with the latter being the minimum for dangerous game. If you are considering hunting large thick skinned game, discuss with Matt the pro's and con's of caliber choice ,bullet selection ,scopes etc .

  • Familiar well used rifles, quality soft / solid bullets and good bullet placement are the most important factors for African hunting !!

  • Firearms can be hired by prior arrangement for those hunters wishing to travel without firearms. Several calibers including 7&57/ 7&64/ 30-06/375/458 rifles are available from MGS with quality scopes and ammunition available.

  • Always ensure you have a strong protective lockable rifle case to travel with internationally, with a separate lockable case for ammunition.

  • MGS will provide soft gun bags/slips, if you do not bring your own .Soft bags not only protect the rifles from dust, but also ensures the rifles are secure in rifle racks on the back of vehicles when traveling

  • Once rifle is zeroed at 50-200m, pending area and species to be hunted, we suggest you practice shooting in the standing position (with sticks in particular), as well as the sitting and prone positions, as most animals are taken this way in African hunting situations.

  • For Cape Buffalo hunts we suggest zeroing in large calibers at 50 m (55yds) and plains game rifles between 100 to 200m ,pending terrain and species to be hunted.Magnum high velocity rifles zeroed in too high at 100m(110yds) , are often the cause of wounded game on most hunts in SA.

  • Practicing and shooting with a smaller caliber such as .22LR/177/223 etc in these different positions and shooting often,is considerably more beneficial than trying to impress your professional hunter with your grouping off the bench with your new rifle !

  • None of our animals are taking off a bench, with sandbags or off a truck with special seats and padding '…..we do everything on foot !’

  • All rifles and scopes will be checked again aftre travel and before hunting starts, as they might have shifted during transit. Black powder and handgun hunters are also very welcome .

  • Discuss these important issues with us, so we can advise on the best ways to get ready for your trip . 

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Although many African species have tough reputations and may seem tougher than American or European species, we suggest you bring your regular big game bow you normally use on deer and elk and rather get in lots of practice with it, than bringing a brand new 'out the box' bow, just for Africa!

Rather than a 'new' high poundage bow over 75 pounds that is difficult to draw in a pressure situation or a smaller blind or on a walk and stalk hunt ', focus on being very efficient and familiar with your bow in all situations. We do not recommend mechanical broad-heads for any of Africa's larger game such as Waterbuck, Zebra ,Blue wildebeest, Gemsbuck,Kudu etc... Check with your outfitter for recommendations on poundage and broad-heads, pending species.

Most of the hunting in SA is done from carefully constructed blinds although walk and stalk is also encouraged.

These well-constructed hides blend into the surrounding area and we use ground blinds, some elevated blinds, pop up blinds as well as tree stands and can accommodate compound, crossbows and traditional bowhunters.

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South Africa has a wide variety of bird shooting available, especially in our home province of Mpumalanga.

The season runs from 1 May to 31 July for most game birds with Rock Pigeon available throughout the year, although conditions do vary and special pre or post-season permits can be obtained. A provincial hunting license is required for bird shooting.

These are our winter months and cool weather can be expected in the morning and evenings and a suggested clothing / equipment list will be sent to clients prior to Safari.

Waterfowl such as Spurwing Geese, Egyptian Geese, Yellow billed Duck, White Faced Duck and Red Teal are plentiful.

Best shooting takes place early mornings and late afternoons between large lakes / dams and maize fields (also over decoys).

Helmeted Guinea fowl, 3 species of Francolin and Quail are walked up over trained German and English Pointers or can be shot driven during the day. Excellent Rock pigeon and dove shooting can be had on flight lines over sunflower and maize fields in the months February to April.

Shotguns in 12 ga or 20 ga are suggested and local ammunition in all sizes are available. 12 ga shotguns are available for hire to those not bringing their own. Daily bag limits are generous and vary according to the area and species.

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